Parametric MID Frequence EQ

Parametric MID Frequence EQ.jpg

The circuit constitutes a natural extension of Mic-Line balance unit, but can be adapted to any other audio circuit. It is made up of two units in the series:
+ A classic unit bass/ Treble
+ A parametric unit of mid frequencies.
Both units can also be used autonomously or each one separately, with the required buffer unit, from previous and subsequent circuits. With the R2 we requlate the High frequencies +/- 18 db/oct at 20 KHZ, with R5 the Low frequencies +/- 18bd/oct at 20 KHZ, with R11 the Mid freq. +/- 15 db/oct and with R10 the center of mid freq. at 200 HZ - 6 KHZ band.

R1-3=2.7 Kohms / R15=100 ohms / C5=10nF 100V MKT
R4=22 Kohms / R2-5-11=47 Kohms Lin. pot. / C6=4.7nF 100V MKT
R6-7=5.6 Kohms / R10=2X100 Kohms Log. pot / C7=10uF25V
R8-9=22 Kohms / C1=2.2nF 100V MKT / C8-9=100nF 100V MKT
R12-13=3.9 Kohms / C2-3=5.6nF 100V MKT / IC 1= NE 5532
R14=47 Kohms / C4=68pF mylar / All Resistors is 1/4W 1%
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