Xenforo 2.1.5a Released


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Xenforo 2 - Mã Nguồn Làm Forum Cực Tốt.

A compelling community experience.

Intuitive. Social. Engaging. Fast. XenForo brings a fresh outlook to forum software.

A compelling community experience.
Intuitive. Social. Engaging. Fast. XenForo brings a fresh outlook to forum software.

Social Engagement
Keep your users coming back by letting them earn trophies for reaching milestones. An intuitive "like" system makes users feel appreciated for their contributions, while integration with Facebook allows easy registration and sharing.

Recent Activity Stream
Allow people to easily see all the recent happenings on your forum, beyond just the messages posted. Members can follow each other to get their own personalized news feed showing the content they want to see.

Make it easy for users to stay up to date with updates that are applicable to them. They'll receive alerts when someone quotes their post or responds to a status update, when they receive a new trophy, and more.

Easy Styling
You can use XenForo's simple color changer to easily change the look to suit your needs. You can make further changes through an extensive style property editor, or edit HTML and CSS in your favorite editor. No code changes necessary!

Great Add-ons
XenForo is built to be the most extensible and flexible community software ever. Check out the huge array of add-ons already available in the resource manager, or get help writing your own add-ons with the XenForo framework.

SEO Built-in
With XenForo there is no need to pay more for your search engine optimization needs. Human-readable URLs, semantic HTML with embedded microdata, and many more SEO features are present in the very core of the system.

Some of the changes in XFMG 2.1.5 include:
  • When importing albums and pictures from vB Albums ensure that we do not double encode HTML entities and we strip BB code.
  • Prevent a template warning from displaying when viewing the news feed which contains a rating feed item for a deleted media/album.
  • Allow embedded media blocks to be aligned according to their parent container alignment (allow them to be centered or right aligned).
  • Add missing route for the editor gallery browser which meant that pagination wasn't working as expected for browsing albums.
  • Fix and change format of the exposure time EXIF data displayed on photos.
  • Add a link to "Moderator actions" when viewing a media item or an album.
The following public templates have had changes:
  • xfmg_album_view
  • xfmg_gallery_bb_code.less
  • xfmg_media_view

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